Dilek Yetkin Isiksel was born in Ankara in 1948. She graduated from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts Academy with a master’s degree in 1972. She studied painting at the workshop of Bedri Rahmi Eyüboglu.

She then taught art and art history in several high schools until 1996. Since 1997, she has been working  at her studio in Kuledibi, Istanbul.

Isiksel had her first exhibition with two friends in 1972 before graduation. Since then, she has had 30 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 75 group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. In 2002, Isiksel celebrated her 30 years of active working as a painter when she start to embrace Istanbul as  theme of her paintings, which consists of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman influences that create a rich cultural synthesis. Her compositions suggest the idea of mysticism of the universe, an abstracted vision of Istanbul.  The already symbolic and poetic nature of Isiksel’s work, fit well within the context of dream-like chaotism of Istanbul.

The perception based on colours is one of the most attractive points of Isiksel’s paintings, which is also a very distinctive characteristic of Bedri Rahmi’s art. Isiksel mostly uses a poetic language in her paintings, which are based on views from Istanbul.

She is a member of “Ut Pictura Poesis” , an art community that created bridge between poetry and painting which was founded to lead artists who are at a loss to take sides on either poetry or painting.” What makes poetry different from prose is its rhytm.”